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Friday, April 5, 2013

Trailer Update: License plate placement and lighting

Before mounting the license plate light and interior cabin lights Fred wanted me to see where he was planning on putting them so he taped everything in place and took some pictures.

LIcense Plate Placement: The law requires that license plates be within a minimum and maximum distance from the ground. It also requires that license plates be lit at night. This is our solution. Placing the plate on the door but the light on the frame simplifies the electrical wiring issues. Putting the light on the door would have complicated things.

We also have to figure out the license plate situation in general. California requires seeing the trailer in person before they'll issue a plate so I'll have to register it in Michigan first. But we're not sure if I can do it as an out of state resident once I get there or does Fred have to do it since he lives there. I read online that MI plates are not transferable so I'm guessing I'll have to do it while I'm there. Fred is going to look into it for me with the DMV there when the time comes.

And doing quadruple duty notice the red brake, turn signal, rear side marker, and tail light lights on either side of the door. Also, the rear porch light is also in place.

We're putting porch lights on each side as well near the windows. It's a safety thing. Each light will have its own switch so if I hear something (most likely an animal like a raccoon) in the middle of the night I can flip on the light and scare it away or at least see what's out there so I won't be scared.

Fred also found these interior light fixtures that have a fixed center light and two adjustable spot lights on either side.

There's one for the front and one for the rear of the trailer. I'm certain they'll prove to be quite handy!

And just to remind me how lucky I am to live in California, he sent me two pictures of the current ground conditions in Michigan. LOL. I often feel guilty when he asks me what the weather's like when we talk on the phone.

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