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Monday, April 15, 2013

Trailer Update: Pink walls and more electrical

The walls are in and they're pink! I want to feel like I'm being enveloped in a bubble of pink warmth when I'm in the trailer. To me, it's a happy and relaxing color that will create just the right mood for when I'm out and about soaking in great new life experiences.

These are the colors I want to use to decorate the interior. The walls will be pink and my cabinets aqua with yellow, orange, fuchsia, and leaf green to complement. This is a sample swatch of Michael Miller fabric I may order for my curtains. Cute right?

Though I like pastels, I was worried in the dimly lit cabin interior any pastel colors would be just too washed out.

The front is unfinished because Fred was waiting to install a 12 volt power strip that hadn't arrived yet. It has three 12 volt round outlets, like your car's lighter power outlet, and two USB outlets.

What will power the power strip? My on board battery seen here on the driver's side of the tongue box.

It's a 12 volt Absorbed Glass Mat (AGM) battery which is safe to use on board my trailer as it's sealed so it won't gas off acid fumes the way traditional lead batteries do. Though, one trailer owner online said I may need to add a vent to the tongue box as her AGM battery still does gas off acid fumes while it's charging. I guess I'll have to wait and see how mine works out.

The electrical runs to this fuse panel which controls the exterior porch lights, ceiling vent fan, interior cabin lights, and the power strip. The rest of the space is for the equipment I'll need to add if I ever get a solar panel for the roof.

The vent fan (ordered from Camping World) is both for comfort and to keep me from ever accidentally asphyxiating myself. I've read more than once online that people built their trailers so airtight they woke up during the night with symptoms of carbon monoxide poisoning. Yikes! Fred suggested adding two small passive vents, one above each window, so that won't ever happen to me.

I'm also going to add a carbon monoxide detector in the cabin because the other thing rv'ers need to worry about is someone else's car or generator exhaust blowing into your trailer undetected, especially while you're sleeping. People have died from this type of incident so the detector will safeguard against such a senseless and tragic accident from occurring.

And last but not least there are three mini switches to turn on and off the three exterior porch lights. There's one on each side behind each window and one on the rear beside the door.

We're nearing the home stretch. Still left to do are to:
  • Add the power strip and finish the interior along the bottom of the front wall
  • Attach the door and door lock
  • Add angles to the passenger side wall to attach cabinets
  • Add angles to the front and rear walls to place two storage shelves just below the ceiling
  • Add onboard battery charger to tongue box

I'm also changing my mind about how to do the exterior paint. Now that I've seen my trailer with its aluminum skin I really like how it looks. But, I still want to make it more fun and flirty looking. My original paint idea is the lower in the image above. Now, I'm thinking just add the circles and leave the metal around them bare on each side. I don't have to decide at this moment but I'm really leaning towards the new more modern looking dot design over the more retro all painted one. What do you think?

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