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Wednesday, May 1, 2013

A teeny fondue pot for my tiny trailer

Look what I found on Etsy in the Superior Stone Works store front! For just $8.00 (+ $3.75 shipping) I became the happy owner of this tiny, vintage, like-new, aluminum fondue pot that's only 6.5" high.

The pot is heated with a single tea light candle and holds about two cups.

How hot will it get? After 15 minutes the water was 100º and at 30 minutes had reached 110º if I covered the whole in the lid with a piece of foil. That isn't hot enough to boil but it was hot enough for tiny bubbles to form on the inside of the pot. As it turns out that's just a bit hotter than I need the water to be to make what's become one of my favorite beverages that I'd love to be able to easily enjoy while traveling.

Since January I've been hooked on warm lemon, honey water with sea salt. It's the DIY electrolyte drink recipe I found a few months ago that works well as a a coffee alternative for those of us who just can't embrace the flavor of coffee.

Another combo I've enjoyed is this Tonic Water made of fresh lemon juice, honey, and grated fresh ginger.

Because I'm using raw honey (which I've read has both health benefits and risks) I don't want the water temperature to rise above 95º as the heat will damage or destroy the live enzymes and some nutrients present in the unpasteurized honey.

I place all of the ingredients in a mug and pour the warm water onto them, stirring until the honey has dissolved completely.

I have to be careful to not allow the lemon juice to damage the pot as aluminum doesn't react well to acidic foods. The metal is soft enough that highly acidic foods like citrus, vinegar, tomato, eggs, asparagus, and artichokes will cause miniscule amounts of metal to leach out into the food being heated. I figure if all I'm doing is heating water I think I'll be in the clear.

So, not only is the maximum temperature ideal, the small size and light weight of this fondue set definitely are. It really is a perfect water warmer for my tiny trailer!

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