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Wednesday, May 22, 2013

An on the road bathroom alternative

One of the first things people ask me when they see pictures of The Glampette is "Is there a bathroom?" It's a good question. The trailer is so small I suspect they expect me to say no. But, I say yes because one of the first things I purchased for it was a Thetford Porta Potty. It's small, modern, easy to use, and even easier to clean.

But this past weekend my friend Gordon, clearly a close friend, surprised me with a trailer gift. A box of Travel John disposable urinals. LOL I told him I'd use them as guest bathrooms.

The box contains three biodegradable urinals that are shockingly leak proof, even if you tip over or puncture the bag. They're for men, women, and kids.

They seem like a good thing to have in general in case of a natural disaster where you lose plumbing for a few days, when a public restroom may give you privacy but it's too dirty to use, out on a hike, or if you're caught unexpectedly away from a bathroom for a long time like on a highway when there's been a road closure and you're trapped with no exit.

While men could use this in the car no problem, for women, I'd keep a sheet in your trunk that you could basically hang between two open doors to create a privacy tent by catching the fabric by opening and closing your windows on it, and maybe a few safety pins to hold the sheet securely in place across the other two sides.

The box alludes you can use them in vehicles, on planes, boats, in tents, while handicapped, and bedridden.

Here is a pictorial about how the disposable urinals work. For men it seems easy enough. For women? I think a test run while standing in your bath tub wouldn't be a bad idea. LOL

Travel John also makes a similar product for solid waste and a portable toilet and privacy tent for campers.

Thanks Gordon. It's good to know I have friends who have not only my back but, err, are considerate enough to address the needs of my bodily functions too.

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