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Thursday, May 23, 2013

It's been seven days since I've driven my car

Surprisingly, being carless for almost a week hasn't been as bad as I thought it would be.

That's my car. I visit it from time to time, it's almost like it's in prison and I have visitation rights from 8:00 AM - 9:00 AM, the time when the garage is open and I can borrow hubby's car to drive to see it before he goes to work. Mostly I drop by to drop off more parts for the work the garage is doing to make my car safer and tow-worthy for my upcoming road trip.

Have I mentioned before it's 19 years old? Some people think I'm kind of crazy to have such an old car, and to want to use it tow my trailer, but I love my car. It's paid off, the registration is affordable, and for almost two decades it's been superbly reliable. It's an old Acura Integra that's solid as a rock. The only major breakdown it's had was the distributor needed to be replaced a few years back. Besides that it's only required the usual maintenance of oil changes, brake pads, tires, and a new battery every four years or so.

I brought it in to add the trailer hitch, battery isolator, brake controller, transmission oil cooler, a new radiator, and the taillight wiring kit. I also had a safety inspection and tune up done. Among other parts, pretty much everything made of rubber is being replaced particularly the hoses and belts because some are beginning to crack or bulge as they've lost their elasticity. Soon it'll be good to go. And we'll be on our way.

For now I've decided to hold off on painting the car until I return, then have the car and trailer painted at the same time.

I'm still thinking this is the look I want to go for:

It's been suggested I should get a cheap paint job on the car and a good one on the trailer. I'm thinking that'll be the way to go since I'll have the trailer longer than I'll have the car. But, I was told by an Acura rep at a car show years ago that my car can make it to 300,000 miles, and it's only at 141,000 now so I could be driving it for a couple more decades. LOL.

But seriously, I'm hoping that soon someone will come out with an electric car capable of towing The Glampette around. I've been told some Tesla Roadster owners have added hitches to their cars. While it would look ridiculously cute towing The Glampette I just can't see myself driving (or affording) a Roadster. It's too sporty for me. I'm more of a simple gal with pragmatic tastes. Hoping for an all electric or at least a hybrid that is capable of towing and has some interior storage space. For now my little Acura will have to keep on keeping on.

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