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Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Kitai's big day at the Veterinarian's office

This is Kitai on sedation. He just had his teeth cleaned and a sebaceous cyst removed. Poor little guy could barely keep his eyes open. He also couldn't keep his tongue in his mouth.

I haven't left yet to go pick up my trailer because I've been waiting for a package of deliciousness to arrive so I decided to not wait until our return to schedule some procedures for him.

After his recent visit for his rabies shot I found out he needed his teeth cleaned. He also had a cyst that was checked and found to be a benign sebaceous cyst. Nothing to worry about unless it got larger or infected. The other day I realized it had grown larger in the past week. Since he needed his teeth cleaned and not wanting to risk surgery on the road (since he had to be under general anesthesia) I opted to have both done today.

As soon as we were put in an exam room he hid under the chair peeking out from around my leg to watch for his Vet, Dr. Govers at West Valley Pet Clinic. Dr Govers has been my veterinarian of choice for all three of my dogs over the past two decades. I love the way he interacts with dogs, never rushing and always giving them time to relax and be calm around him.

Kitai on the way home in the car. Because the cyst was on his back between his shoulder blades he couldn't wear his harness and seat belt because it would have rubbed on the incision. He has a big bald rectangle on his back with sutures. Poor little guy :(

Even unconscious he's still so cute my heart just overflows when I look at him.

He'll be on pain meds for a few days and then he should be as good as new!

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