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Thursday, July 11, 2013

And my favorite RV Park was: Hi-Way Haven in Sutherlin, OR

Oh Kitai what are you doing at a drive-in movie theater?

Driving from Washington to Oregon was the second to last day of The Glampette's maiden voyage. For lodging that evening I'd found the Hi-Way Haven RV Park on the Good Sam Club website.

I didn't look closely at the details of the site, I was mostly interested in its location which was Sutehrlin, Oregon, halfway between Spokane, WA and San Jose, CA. I did notice they had a 24 hour courtesy patrol. That sold me.

What I didn't expect is that I'd love it so much. There are many reasons it's my new favorite RV park. To start with their location has easy access to I-5 but not so close that the highway noise would keep you up all night. And they offer Good Sam Club and AAA discounts.

Imagine my surprise when I pulled in just after 9:00 PM and saw there was a huge movie screen at one end of the RV park.

I was even more shocked when I found out there was a movie playing that night! Yes! You can watch movies from your RV or picnic area on Friday and Saturday nights when you stay at Hi-Way Haven RV Park. It used to be a drive-in movie before it was converted into an RV Park. How fun and unique!

Unfortunately I was too tired from a long day of driving to partake in the evening's entertainment. I did meet my very nice neighbors, gave them the grand tour of The Glampette, then went to bed early.

At night I always cover my windows with a pair of blackout curtains I made before I left for Michigan. They're made of black polar fleece with four small velcro tabs sewn along the top. They conveniently attach to the curtain rod. It takes just a minute to hang both of them up at night and take them down in the morning. The beauty of using polar fleece is, like felt, you don't have to finish the cut edges, so, I made them scalloped just for fun.

The blackout curtains will also work well when I want to haul things in the trailer so people can't see what's inside.

They work really well. The only reason the picture is so bright is because I took the other curtain down behind me because it was too dark to get a decent picture with both of them up.

One thing I liked best about this park in particular is that everything is clearly labeled and easy to find. My slot, #84, was both marked by an easy to see and read sign and the slot itself was well lit making it easy to locate even when I arrived at dusk.

The RV spaces are on crushed gravel, not pea gravel or dirt so it kept tracking debris into the trailer to a minimum.

Our neighbors were towing a 19 foot Airstream. So cute!

Electric, water, and dump stations are avaialble at Hi-Way Haven. Most of the other trailers were large fifth wheels or motorhomes. Some were passing through town like Kitai and I while others are longer term residents.

Upon your arrival you check in at the office.

The office offers day and evening service. For night time check in you fill in your registration form and slide it through a mail slot.

The restrooms are large with multiple stalls. They reminded me of department store bathrooms, but much cleaner.

Outside you can purchase everything from ice to propane, newspapers, and sodas.

Inside the lobby is a very large, clean, well lit laundry room and convenience store.

The main attraction though is the movie screen. You can't miss it.

Each slot also has its own picnic table and benches set on a concrete pad.

Kitai had plenty of places to sniff around with clearly marked pet areas and even two large fenced in dog park runs.

The park was so nice I didn't want to leave and stayed a bit later than usual just to take more pictures so I'd be able to write this featured post.

But what made me love them most? I found out this cone was strategically placed because the spot isn't available to rent right now. Why? Because of a little mama Killdeer. She's laid her eggs in the gravel and the owners are sheltering her from intrusion by making the area off limits to campers. I think that's so cool. Any place that will put nature before profits scores extra points in my book.

After walking Kitai and taking pictures we headed out for the very last day of our grand adventure. It included a tourist stop at a winery and seeing what (I hope) may someday be my future home, or home away from home :)

To be continued.

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And my favorite RV Park was: Hi-Way Haven in Sutherlin, OR
4974 miles later our adventure comes to an end

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