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Monday, July 1, 2013

Welcome to The Glampette: A peek inside

Welcome to the grand tour of The Glampette.

Looking in through the door you can see the bed and interior galley that currently houses my kitchen containers (food and cooking equipment), Thetford Porta Potty, another storage container (toiletries and misc. items), fresh and grey water containers, a small garbage and a cute travel suitcase with more kitchen gear. The containers will soon be replaced by cabinets I'm going to build once I return to California. There's also an overhead shelf over the front of the cabin. It's low enough to give me a lot of space for bins and storage but high enough that I can sit upright beneath it.

Admittedly the fish eye lens makes areas appear larger than they are but it was the only way for me to be able to capture the inside from wall to wall, top to bottom in single shots. But it is more spacious inside than it looks from the outside. Everyone who's now sat inside of it has said so and I'd have to agree.

This is the view looking out. The mattress is 29" wide and 3" thick. It's plenty large enough for Kitai (who weighs 27 lbs) and I to both fit comfortably on it together to sleep at night. From this angle you can see the second overhead shelf at the rear of the trailer.

If you look to the right of the underside of the shelf you can also see my smoke and carbon monoxide detectors and right above them is a fire extinguisher tucked into the far right side of the shelf.

For now these are my grey and freshwater tanks. When I build my interior cabinets the grey water tank will be hidden from view. To the right in the brown suitcase is a vintage, mini, electric kettle that takes just 3.5 minutes to boil water.

Not pretty, but crazy practical, is my temporary "sink." It's a large, grey, plastic, oil funnel that fits into the mouth of an empty gallon lemonade container. When I want to brush my teeth, wash my hands, face, clothes, dishes, or just need somewhere to dump some water I take the lid off, and drop the funnel in. When I'm done I store the funnel and replace the lid.

Behind my water tanks are the metal angles Fred installed. The horizontal one will support the countertop and the side angles will hold the cabinets in place.

In the tongue box is an AGM battery that powers the vent/fan, interior and exterior lights, as well as this 3 DC 2 USB port power strip. So far I've used it to recharge my phone and camera batteries each night while I've been on the road traveling. The battery is charged by my car battery while I'm driving. I had a battery isolator installed to keep it from draining my car battery once I turn the ignition off.

If you're wondering how I relax in such a small space here's one way. Reading a good book, something I never have time to do at home, while enjoying my favorite dessert wine make for an enjoyable afternoon or evening cuddled up with Kitai who has proven he can pretty much sleep through anything while in The Glampette.

Fred even built me these tiny wood shelves that have a small lip on them. They fit right above the windows and also include holes to hang my curtain rods. Oooooh I forgot to take a photo of my black out curtains for night time. I'll shoot them tomorrow and share them with you in a future post.

And in case this is your first visit to the blog, this is what The Glampette looks like from the outside, all 4'x6' feet and 554 lbs of her:

And that concludes today's tour. I hope you enjoyed it!

I've added an UPDATE to this post now that the interior is finished: The Glampette's new countertop and shelves

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