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Wednesday, October 30, 2013

The Glampette's new countertop and shelves

Look what's new in The Glampette! While visiting Fred, my trailer builder and friend, in Michigan this past month (after attending the Camp-Inn Camp-Outt rally in Mauston, WI) he built me an oak countertop and shelves for the interior of my trailer.

You may recall that teardrop trailers have their galley on the rear end of the trailers beneath a hatchback. Since I travel alone I wanted to move my galley to the interior of the trailer so I wouldn't have to go outside at night to grab something from the back.

Fred took measurements based on the trailer and my preferences. Then he got to work. I LOVE my new interior. It makes my trailer look like a tiny studio apartment.

The first night I used it after leaving Michigan I was over the moon. Upon opening the door I immediately had a place to set down my purse and keys! The experience was quite luxurious compared to the old stacked-plastic-bins method I'd been using before.

Thank you Fred! You're the best :)

Other improvements include the small sleeping curtain right above the bed. In the morning the light from the vent fan would glare in my eyes. I realized a tiny curtain was all I needed to block the glare. Some fabric, pom poms, and velcro were all I needed to craft a glampy, little curtain.

Also, I was tired of things bouncing out of the pink plastic bins in the overhead shelf, so I found some aqua fabric and black parachute cord and sewed together the drawstring bags that hold the bin's contents in even on the bumpiest of roads.

One final new addition, a tiny DIY closet rod that I could hang jackets from. It's a drawer handle screwed into the underside of the overhead shelf. It worked great! The only modification I made is when traveling I tie the hangers together with a piece of ribbon around the base of the silver hooks. The ribbon keeps them from bouncing off the pull. Loose, several would fall off but tied together none do.

While The Glampette is still a work in progress the most significant things have all been done. There will be a few more improvements over the coming months but for now I couldn't be happier with my perfect little abode on the road :D

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