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Sunday, November 17, 2013

An unusual dome shaped cloud over Mt. Shasta

While driving up to Washington state back in September with The Glampette I noticed an odd cloud hanging seemingly motionless over Mt. Shasta near the Northern California, Southern Oregon border. I had no idea what kind of cloud it was but it was so unusual I pulled over to take a photo.

It was thin, shaped like a contact lens, and seemed to be hovering in place just barely clearing the mountain's snow capped peak.

That night when I talked to my mom on the phone I described the cloud to her. Her immediate reply was a casual "Oh, it must have been a lenticular cloud." A lenticu-what? was my shocked reply. I say I was shocked only because my mom isn't a meteorologist and I didn't expect her to actually know what kind of cloud I'd seen.

She said I should go on Pinterest  and search lenticular cloud and I could confirm if that's what I saw. (BTW, my mom is a Pinterest-a-holic of the most extreme kind. If you love succulents you should follow her board "Succulents & Cactus & Sedum." Currently she has 9868 pins and 1965 followers. By Tuesday I'm sure she'll pass 10,000 pins.)

So there I had it. I saw a gorgeous cloud and got schooled by my mom via Pinterest what kind of cloud it was.

I keep hoping to see another someday when I have more time and can stop and really enjoy the view. As it was I was trying to make it to my destination that night before dark so I couldn't wait two hours for the sunset, which I will regret always because if the cloud was still there and became painted in pinks, violets, and orange it would have been amazing to behold.

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