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Friday, November 8, 2013

Why I donated decades of books to my local library

The other day I mentioned to my friend Keith that I was going to finally get rid of all of the books I'd been accumulating for that past three decades. Earlier this year I made the realization, after picking up The Glampette in Michigan and learning to live a minimalist lifestyle, that I had way too much stuff at home. Stuff that I'd hung onto mostly for sentimental reasons even though most of it was no longer useful to me. I'd planned to try to sell my books at a second hand bookstore when Keith told me about the donation program at the Santa Clara City Library.

So I loaded up my car and headed to the Central Park Library on Homestead Road.

Though Keith advocated I should donate, this bit on the library's website is what sold me that not only is this a good cause, and a form of civic goodness, it makes a real difference:

"Book and DVD donation to the Santa Clara City Library Foundation & Friends create maximum benefits in the community: $38,000 worth of donated materials were added to the collection last year, and over $100,000 was raised through the sale of books. We estimate that our book sales find new homes for approximately 9,000 books each and every month, benefiting literacy and education in our community as well as keeping books out of landfills!"

If you have a small amount of books to drop off you can walk into the library through the main doors and you'll see the bookstore to your left. You can drop them off there or in the bin in front of the bookstore when the store is closed.

For larger donations make sure you either call ahead or go inside to arrange dropping them off at the receiving door out back. Don't just show up at the back door and expect someone will be there to let you in. I didn't think I had enough boxes but once I was there they invited me to drive around back.

They Do Accept:

All books EXCEPT encyclopedias published before 2000 and those with mold or water damage
Tapes and CD’

They Do Not Accept:

National Geographics
Conference Proceedings and other such publications.

CLICK HERE to read the donation information on the library's website.

Santa Clara City Library Foundation & Friends
Located at The Santa Clara Central Park Library - Map
2635 Homestead Road
Santa Clara, CA 95051

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