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Thursday, December 5, 2013

The Glampette's first television appearance!

After returning from the Midwest The Glampette and I were guests on The Jennylyn Show at KMVT Studios, Mountain View California's Public Access Channel 15. You can watch the full interview below using the embedded video player from Youtube.

The word "glamping" is a blend of two concepts: Glamour + Camping. You can tell by what we were wearing that Jennylyn was the glamorous one, and I was the camper. LOL

That's Robin planning his lighting strategy.

A big thank you to the show's entire team. And a special thank you to Production Tech Robin Frank for setting up the lights so nicely on The Glampette. You certainly made her look more glamorous than usual!

Jennylyn Gleave is a friend and had asked earlier this spring, even before the trailer was finished, if I would bring it on her show. I promised her I would and here she is, The Glampette in studio, starring in her first TV appearance. It was a lot of fun. Thanks so much for having us on your program Jennylyn!

Click on the arrow to watch the interview.

The interview touches on:
  • Why I wanted a trailer in the first place
  • The Teardrops n Tiny Travel Trailers forum that inspired me to try to build a trailer
  • The design and build process working with Fred (an experienced builder) in MI while I was in CA
  • The Camp-Inn tiny trailer rally in WI
  • Some of the high and low points of my first season of travel crossing the country a couple of times racking up 13,331 miles since June
  • You'll also see my tiny MSR camp stove and vintage grill I use as a cooking platform
  • And you'll see my new fingerless mittens that keep my hands warm when the temperatures dip below freezing
  • And safety tips, both parking overnight and driving on the road, when traveling with a small trailer
The only disappointment was that the cameras were not able to show inside the trailer, which is the really glampy part. In case you've never visited the blog before here's a peek at what wasn't included in the show:

The Interior

This is my travel buddy Kitai

And the hail storm in Gillette, WY in June

On a side note I decided to do the interview the way I camp and travel, with no lipstick :) In fact, since October 2013 I've only worn lipstick on three occasions. What a change that is after wearing it 99.999% of the time since I was a teenager.

A special thanks to my friend Elley Ho who came just for fun but then took some photos for me with my camera while the taping was taking place or I wouldn't have had the first image in this post.

If you ever have any questions about The Glampette feel free to leave a comment and I'll do my best to share any information I can if you've been dreaming of designing or buying a tiny trailer of your own.

For the curious the "Trailer Build" category of this blog lists all of the early design ideas as well as the actual build as it progressed.

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