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Thursday, January 2, 2014

2014: The year of choices

I don't usually put a whole lot of stock in what fortune cookies tell me. But, recently I received a fortune cookie that had not one, but three fortunes in it! One said I would travel to exotic places in my lifetime. I've already done that but could always add more. The second said I'd receive a message with good news. That happened by Facebook private message that night when I got home. And this was my third fortune:

Hmmmmm. Making choices. I've made some hard ones in my lifetime and am sure if I live long enough I'll have to make more. The thing about hard choices is it's easy to go back and forth in your mind unsure of which direction is the right one. For me they usually keep me up all night as I turn the situation around in my mind over and over trying to foresee the possible outcomes of each choice I could or don't make.

Inevitably there comes a moment when I have to make a decision. Will I choose what's easier or harder? What's safe or dangerous. What's familiar or will I stare uncertainty in the eye and walk towards it?

I posted on Twitter the other day: "One day I realized fear of change is a mental obstacle. Regardless of my choices life will create obstacles so I may as well follow my heart." I said follow my heart because I've always been an emotional thinker, basing decisions much more on my feelings and intuition rather than societal norms or facts. It's made my life both interesting and challenging.

The thing is we, as a species, seem to fear change. To resist is almost a natural, knee-jerk response. But life has taught me ultimately change is good. Sometimes you see the benefit immediately. Other times it takes months, years or even decades to see how the change you once dreaded and tormented over really was, in the end, for the best.

In 2014 I'm hoping to make the right choices. And I guess so far so good. My fortune cookie said so.

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