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Saturday, February 15, 2014

A six course Choco-palooza Valentine's Day

Yesterday I was determined to have a great Valentine's Day because any holiday that requires chocolate is a holiday I'm going to support.

After having a fried egg on wheat toast for breakfast I finished off the last few bites of a carton of Ben & Jerry's Chocolate Fudge Brownie ice cream that was in the freezer.

For lunch I had some sea salt, dark chocolate covered caramels from Bloem, my favorite chocolate shop in Spokane, WA.

They were followed by Chocolove's Chilies & Cherries in Dark Chocolate for lunch.

Later in the afternoon, as Kitai and I were chilling in the trailer, my friend Carl swung by and asked if I wanted to visit Chocolate Visions on Mt. Herman Road in Scotts Valley. He'd already picked up a gift for his wife but wanted to get his daughter a special treat. A new chocolate shop? Sure, I'd go.

Once there the first thing I saw as I walked into the store was a row of chocolate covered triple fudge brownies on sticks. OMC. Oh. My. Chocolate. I had to have one and took this nut covered one to the counter right after I took this picture.

I also picked up two chocolates, A Meyer Lemon Olive OIl from Valencia Creek Farms blended into the chocolate ganache and a Blood Orange Olive Oil infused chocolate. Both were silky smooth and chocolatey but the Meyer Lemon was my favorite of the two. Had the line not been so long (it was Valentine's Day after all) I would have gone back in for a few more. Next time.

Later I'd been invited to have dinner with Carl and his family. He'd sent me a picture of this to tempt me. . . But it wasn't just chocolate ice cream for dessert. . . Nooooooooooooo. . .

He'd made a pan of Chocolate, Hazelnut, Nutella Bread Pudding that he was serving with the Ben & Jerry's Chocolate Therapy ice cream.


Best Valentine's Day EVER!

And what pairs well with chocolate ice cream and a decadent chocolate bread pudding? Dono dal Cielo's 2009 Zinfandel. It's an estate wine made at the winery owned by Carl's family.

Can you even believe the day I had? Despite and because of the recent sadness in my life this was definitely the sweetest and most bittersweet holiday I've experienced all at the same time. It was fun and memorable and I'd like to thank Carl and his family for including me in their celebration.

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