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Monday, February 24, 2014

The next Goat Hill Fair antique and vintage show

You may recall that last fall I attended the Goat Hill Fair antique-vintage show in Santa Cruz County. Well, the spring show has been scheduled and it'll take place May 17-18 at the Santa Cruz Fair Grounds.

The juried show is hosted by Cyndi Garafolo, a former shop keeper I knew back in the day in Downtown Campbell when she had a cute interior decorating and gift shop retail storefront. Times changed and her business has evolved to include hosting these "unique antiques and artisan fairs." If you love antiques, vintage goods, glamping accessories or shabby chic styled items attending a Goat Hill Fair show is a fun way to spend an afternoon.

It was twice as much fun for me because I was able to bring The Glampette down and spend the night at the fair grounds in order to be there bright and early to cover the arrival of the "early goats" for this blog post. I got there just as the sun set and found a spot in the lot alongside the building the show was to be held in the following two days.

Set up night. The vendors were busy putting together their oh-so-stylish booths in preparation for the following morning. After taking some pictures I headed out to the trailer to grab some sleep. It was quiet save for a forlorn dog barking in the distance and an owl hooting loudly in a nearby tree. I popped in my ear plugs and had no problem drifting off to a restful night.

In the morning I broke out my MSR Pocket Rocket stove and vintage grill to use as a fire safe cooking platform and made my first cup of parking lot breakfast tea.

Next I made breakfast. I'd precooked some Prather Ranch beef cheeks at home in a crock pot so I fried an egg, toasted half a bagel, and reheated the beef in my tiny Lodge Logic cast iron frying pan. I topped my open face breakfast sandwich off with some sour cream and diced pickled jalapenos. It was a fantastic breakfast and took only minutes to put together.

Refreshed I headed out for a day of photography and shopping.

The "Early Goat Special" is for people who want to purchase a special, $20, limited-run ticket that allows them to enter the show at 8:30 AM and shop for 1.5 hours before the general admission admittance (a $5 ticket) begins at 10:00 AM.

The early goats were treated to live music. . .

And a light breakfast of Shelley's Biscotti and hot coffee. I tried the Almond Apricot Walnut biscotti. It was perfection. It wasn't a hard dry crisp, the interior was moist with a nice browned exterior and the flavor of the ingredients was mouthwatering. It was a hard choice between it and the Dark Chocolate Cornmeal option but I thought the fruit and nut sounded more healthy at 8:30 in the morning.

When the doors opened the crowd flooded in. Soon the aisles were packed with shoppers.

By 10:00 AM the line out front for the general admission ticket holders was growing.

Once they joined the early goats they were free to peruse the many booths searching for the vintage treasures their hearts desired.

There were toys, home decor, jewelry, holiday decorations (it was right before Christmas after all), food, beverages, and even some fun footwear.

Fun jewelry and customized flatware by The JunkGirls

If these boots had been my size I would have snatched them up in a heartbeat.

The Homegrown Market Place struck me as a co-op of sorts. It's a collaborative endeavor for local small businesses that describes itself this way on their Facebook page:

"Homegrown Specialties is a revolutionary natural and specialty food broker that works with both start-up manufacturers and developed manufacturers to help get their products to market by utilizing knowledge of the industry, established relationships and self distribution through our Marketplace."

As I perused one of the larger booths it was no surprise to me that I loved many of their offerings when I discovered it was there representing the Antiques Colony, one of my favorite San Jose antique shops. You may remember it's where I found my metal folding chairs for The Glampette last year.

There were plenty of Shabby Chic offerings. I loved all of them!

And vintage French anything makes my heart go pitter patter like these adorable metal canisters offered by Heavenly Treasures.

It was mid-November when I attended this show so there were holiday ornaments galore. All vintage or vintage styled. So sweet.

After a long day of perusing I'd worked up a thirst so I decided to try 3 of a Kind's sparkling fruit drinks. I tasted two samples and chose the Apple Ginger flavor. I loved it! If you'd like to try them you can find 3 of a Kind at the Santa Cruz Farmers' Market.

And I had to add in this last shot. The Glampette was not the only tiny yellow trailer there. This was the first time I'd ever seen a mobile ATM trailer. LOL I wish I could have parked The Glampette beside it. Her yellow fenders and chassis would have been a perfect complement.

Want to attend a Goat  Hill Fair show? Your chance is coming this spring on May 17th & 18th at the Santa Cruz County Fairgrounds. If you want the early access you can purchase an Early Goat Special ticket online right now while they last. For General Admission you'll purchase your tickets at the door.

If I'm still in the Bay Area in May I hope to attend. If not you'll have to go and let me know how much fun I missed out on :)

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