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Sunday, March 9, 2014

Kitai Update: Hanging in there

This picture kind of sums up how Kitai has been feeling lately since his Lymphoma diagnosis. Not as bright eyed as he used to be, sleeping more, and sometimes a little out of sorts. He stumbles every now and then and the Prednisone seems to be making him hot so he pants more and one day he decided to take a nap in a puddle. Not quite sure how he managed to get both of his legs through a single leg hole on his harness while lying in the puddle but he did.

He does feel good and happy a lot of the time. For instance any time food is involved he's eager to eat and is just like his old self.

And bully sticks bring out the best in him. They're high in calories but right now I don't care if he eats a million calories a day if it makes him happy. Normally a single bully stick would last him one to two weeks. Now? Now he eats one almost every day.

And the moment he realizes he gets to go for a walk his eyes get bright, his ears prick forward, and he can't wait to have me put his harness on.

Nights have been the hardest time of day for him. He gets hot, and I mean really hot, when we go to sleep at night. With the vent fan running all night he eventually cools down and falls asleep. When he first got sick he would wake me up 4-5 times a night to go outside to go to the bathroom or for a drink of water (there's not enough room in the trailer to set a bowl out so I keep it on the counter and hold it for him when he's thirsty). Lately, he's been sleeping through the night which is both a good thing (for me so I can get a full night of rest) and at the same time worrisome that it could be a not so good sign that his system is slowing down.

Sweet dreams while Henrietta Chicken watches over him.

Most of the lymph nodes receded at the end of last week but the large ones on his throat and shoulder are still there which means I'll keep up the high doses of Prednisone for his palliative care until it stops working or damages his internal organs. It's a hard thing living day to day knowing that our time left is so limited. But, we're living in the now and still enjoying far more good times than bad.

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