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Monday, April 7, 2014

Creamy, dreamy Forte High Protein Gelato

When I received an email asking if I'd like to sample a complimentary order of Forte High Protein Gelato. . .

They had me at Gelato :)

I replied back that I would especially after noticing this description on the company's website:

"Each 4 fl oz perfectly portioned cup contains an amazing 15 grams of protein, 2.5 grams of fat and only 160 calories."

Forte is made with rBST-free skim milk, rBST-free cream, cage-free egg yolks and organic agave nectar. Our proprietary formula is fortified with pure, rBST-free milk protein, which gives Forte 5X the protein of traditional gelato or ice cream and even more protein than Greek yogurt!

High protein and low fat (2.5 grams) and calories (160) sounded great especially after peeking around online and realizing that one of my favorite ice creams contains 8x the fat (20 grams) and double the calories (320) for a similar sized serving. And because it's an artificial growth hormone given to cows, as a conscious consumer the lack of rBST is something I always look for and prefer in any product that contains dairy.

A great feature? I didn't even have to go to the store to pick some up, it showed up in a styrofoam shipping container at my door. Well, my friend's door since The Glampette doesn't have a street address.

Forte Gelato comes packed with enough dry ice that you don't even have to be home to receive the UPS 2nd day air package. They can leave it on your porch, in full sun in my case, and when I got there hours later everything was still frozen. In fact, the dry ice was still frozen over 24 hours later.

There were four flavors: Espresso, Vanilla, Ginger, and Chocolate.

They came with three containers of two flavors wrapped in plastic bags tied with raffia bows.

I have to say I was shocked. I didn't expect so many containers. Usually when people offer you a sample of something the quantity is very minimal. The nice thing was I was able to share my gelato with friends so this review isn't based solely on my opinion.

Each of the four flavors arrived nice and frozen with the cartons in good condition. The texture of the gelato was equally rich, smooth, and creamy and the flavors stood on their own. The vanilla was classic, the chocolate tasted like a malted milk chocolate, and the ginger was surprisingly clean and refreshing. If you like ice cream/gelato/frozen yogurt but not overly sweet flavors, try the ginger.

My personal favorite was the espresso. It's one of those coffee things I can really get into because it tastes the way a cup of coffee smells. It was delicious. Real coffee flavor but missing was the harsh bitterness I taste every time I've ever tried drinking coffee. And it was oh so rich and creamy.

With spring here, blue skies, and the weather already in the 70's it turned out to be a perfect time to enjoy Forte Gelato for the first, but certainly not my last, time.

If you're curious to try some too you can order it direct to your door from Forte's online store at this LINK.

Disclosure: Though I occasionally receive complimentary products the fact that they were given to me never sways my review of any product. I sample, photograph, and write the blog post based on my own experience. In cases where the review is partially or fully negative I do give the company the option to decline the post be published meaning they have to accept the review as is or not at all. In eight years of blogging this has only happened once. In every case but one the company has acknowledged the review, even though partially negative, is fair and have asked me to publish my post as is.

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