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Tuesday, May 27, 2014

A new name for The Flirty Blog

Are you surprised? Sad? Or kind of relieved because the word "flirty" always made you feel a little uncomfortable?

For me it's a little of both sadness (to let the name go) and relief that people will stop thinking this is a dating blog or that I am some kind of out-of-control flirt :) The truth is I'm not a flirt and haven't ever been one. But the name was cute when I renamed my bridal accessory company to "The Flirty Bride" and more importantly, the url was available.

Now I'm in metamorphosis at the crossroads of a new beginning. The relocating part (leaving California) made me realize that living in a very liberal area the name "The Flirty Blog" (while disconcerting to some) was easily accepted by most. Having traveled the country last year I realized that a change was needed if I don't want to continue to be perceived as a dating site. And because the name never really fit my personality anyway, I began searching for a new one over the winter.

There were a lot of names I thought of. Most didn't have an available url. I tried to think of what does my blog embody to me? Words like adventure, inspiring, foodie, travel, tourism, seeker, etc. all came to mind. After months of no success it finally happened. The name just came to me out of the blue. Ready?

I Found the Place.com

Like it? I love it. It will allow me to focus on tourism and travel, two of my favorite things to write about.

I found the place __________ (<-- Insert topic here.)

The possibilities are endless: The best grilled cheese sandwich, an amazing view of______, to shop for _____, to meet _____. See what I mean?

The only thing that will change is the name on the header and the URL. I have so much on my plate at the moment I'm not sure when I'll make the switch. It'll most likely be once I relocate. But for now I'm just glad that I found the name I'd been looking for and it feels like a very good fit.

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