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Monday, May 12, 2014

Kuma Escape: Challenging, fun, and I can't really tell you anything about it

Recently I did something completely out of my ordinary. I took the Kuma Escape challenge and invited 8 of my friends to join me. Having had that terrible experience two years ago (remember, when I got ditched in the Dixon Corn Maze without a map) an escape challenge where you're locked into a room more than intrigued me. It wouldn't be too hot, I probably wouldn't have to worry about twisting my ankle (those corn fields can be treacherous when it comes to tripping) and best of all since we would be locked in together I couldn't be left behind. Though when I arrived it had already been decided if someone had to shoved through a trapdoor they had already voted that person would be me. Whether or not there was a trapdoor I can't say. . .

So, how to explain the experience without giving away any spoilers? It takes curiosity, knowledge, teamwork, and quick thinking. The game is that you are locked in a room and must solve puzzles to figure out how to escape the room, with only an hour to do so. You can read more about the origins of real-life escape rooms by clicking here.

So far 0 teams have made it out in time. Yours could be the first!

I think the best advice I can share with you is to choose your team wisely. I just chose people I like. LOL. I teased them that had I known then what I knew after I may have chosen differently :D

We had a great time. Though we didn't make it out before the clock ran out we had many mini-victories as the game progressed and there was time for shouts and screams of excitement, laughter, and high-fiving. It's fun for a group of friends or would be a great corporate team-building activity, especially for the many high tech companies here in Silicon Valley.

So far no one has escaped the room but we were told one team (not ours) was within a couple minutes of figuring it out when they ran out of time.

Here's what you need to learn more about Kuma Escape:

Kuma Escape - Website
(They're located in the old Central Computers building near Stevens Creek Blvd and Saratoga Ave)
3777 Stevens Creek Blvd. #340
Santa Clara, CA 95051

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