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Wednesday, May 21, 2014

The Armadillo Colander: An innovative culinary tool that needs our support

Just as his successful Kickstarter campaign to fund his F2 iPad stand was coming to a close designer Matthew Kim reached out to me and asked if I'd be interested in helping to promote a new invention by RMDLO, a team of European designers (Fred and Ran), who have launched their own Kickstarter campaign to promote their collapsable "Armadillo Colander" or (as we call them here in the U.S.) strainer.

WIth 15 days to go they're halfway to their goal of £45,000 (that's pounds, not dollars). If you pre-order one the cost of shipping it to the U.S. is a mere (additional) $8.42 (that's approximately converting their £5 fee to U.S. dollars).

Let me say this. A lot of people reach out to ask me to promote a lot of different things and very often I have to turn them down because I just don't feel their product or project is a reflection of this blog. But the Armadillo colander? It's a perfect fit!

As both a foodie and a camper I can envision myself using the Armadillo Colander both at home and on the road. Especially on the road where space is at a premium.

I've been searching for the perfect collapsable colander that could fit into The Glampette, my tiny travel trailer or (as they call them in the U.K.) caravan and now I've found it. Only problem is it won't be developed into a product we can buy unless Fred and Ran reach their fundraising goal.

I also really like that the mouth of the colander is formable so that you can narrow it to pour into a smaller container when you're done straining without its contents over-pouring out the sides.

What about you? Can you envision having this inventive design in your camper or home kitchen? If you thought "yes" you can help make it happen by funding Fred and Ran's campaign on Kickstarter.

Pledging tiers in approximate U.S. Dollars are:

Pledge $1.68 (£1) or more

10 backers

For your donation - we will be in your debt forever and you will always have a warm place in our heart! We will also add you to our hall of fame.

Pledge $30.03 (£18) or more

150 backers All gone!

Get our RMDLO colander at a £2 "first to pledge" discount! You will receive 1 x RMDLO stainless steel colander (urban green).

Pledge $33.67 (£20) or more

410 backers

You will receive 1 x RMDLO stainless steel colander (urban green). Save $8.42 (£5) off RRP (recommended retail price) for backing us early via Kickstarter.

Estimated delivery: Oct 2014
Add $8.42 (£5) to ship outside the UK

Pledge $50.50 (£30) or more

185 backers Limited (2315 left of 2500)

Get our RMDLO Limited Edition BUNDLE! You will receive 1 x RMDLO stainless steel colander (urban green) + 1 x RMDLO branded limited edition wall mount (urban green). This will never be available in the shops!

Estimated delivery: Oct 2014
Add $8.42 (£5) to ship outside the UK

Pledge $1009.98 (£600) or more

3 backers Limited (97 left of 100)

Oh yes, presenting the RMDLO colander - TITANIUM version. This is as exclusive as it gets. You will receive 1 x RMDLO colander hand made from high grade polished Titanium and signed by the creators + 1 x RMDLO branded limited edition wall mount (urban green). Presented in a luxurious RMDLO gift box. A very hard wearing and cool piece of design indeed!

Estimated delivery: Oct 2014

Just click here to find out how: RMDLO on Kickstarter

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