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Thursday, June 5, 2014

Eeeeeek! A teeny tiny hibachi for The Glampette

I'd recently made some veggie kabobs for a friends' BBQ. They were my first attempt at veggie kabobs and came out so good it made me want a grill so I could make them whenever I wanted them.

Remember the round, aqua, Big Boy grill I found in Grand Rapids last year on my way to pick up The Glampette (my tiny glamper) in Greenville, MI? Because it's so cute and the paint so pristine I haven't had the heart to use it to grill on. Instead I've used it as a fire-safe cooking platform to put my small propane stove on.

I found the grill in Grand Rapids and the hibachi in Detroit. I love Michigan :)

So, I needed a grill to cook on. And guess what? I found the place for cute vintage grills and hibachis. If you want something different look online on Etsy. It's a collective of designers and shop keepers where you can find all kinds of fun vintage items. It's like going antiquing and to yard and estate sales all from the comfort of your own home.

Funkystuff13 was selling two grills as a pair but I messaged and asked if they would be willing to split the lot explaining that I'm currently living from a 4'x6' trailer so I don't have room to store an extra grill and could I buy only the small square one?

HA! That's my new, old, 5"x5," vintage hibachi! I wanted the square one because it was lower so it would be easier to store in my tiny travel trailer.

Last night I loaded it up with hot coals for the first time.

I already had some red onion and a red bell pepper. . .

But I wanted a third veggie so I swung by the Santa Cruz farmers' market and picked up some fingerling carrots from one of my favorite vendors: Happy Boy Farms.

Here's my delicious, Balsamic Veggie Kabob recipe:

• Vegetables
• Melted Butter
B.R. Cohn Fig Balsamic Vinegar
• Salt and Pepper
• Weber Grill Spray
  1. It's so easy! Just cut the veggies into similar sized pieces and slide on the skewer. You can pre-soak the skewers in water to keep them from burning on a large grill. Don't set the flames too high, low hot embers are best to cook the veggies without burning them or the skewer.
  2. Baste with melted butter using a basting brush
  3. Baste with balsamic vinegar - buy the best balsamic you can find. You can taste the difference so it'll be worth it.
  4. Sprinkle with salt and pepper
As butter hit the coals I excitedly exclaimed: "WE HAVE SMOKE!"
  • Heat your coals
  • Spray your cooking grill with Weber Grill Spray. My foodie friend Carl said It's safer than other sprays because it won't flame up if the overspray touches the hot coals or even an open flame.
  • When the grill is hot place your kabobs on the grill
Grill until veggies cook. It'll take longer than you think to get them cooked all the way through so be patient.

About now I bet you're thinking "Yeah, that's really cute but impractical because it's too small to make a real meal on." Well let me tell you, you can do a lot with 5"x5" of hibachi surface area. . .  That's 25 square inches of grilling awesomeness!

For you meat-a-saurses there was even room for a Prather Ranch hot dog, cut in half.

Did it get hot enough to really cook veggies and meat? You tell me :D

Want a tiny hibachi or cute vintage grill of your own? Funkystuff has one of each available in their shop right now.

Charming wood and cast iron hibachi - miniature grill - portable bbq - mini bonfire pit - tabletop grill - $21.99 USD

There are other, modern, similar looking, tiny hibachis on the market but they use sterno and aren't nearly as well designed or made as this vintage unit is.

Charming portable barbeque grill - briefcase sized grilling for camping hiking or the small apartment - $49.99 USD

Thank you Funkystuff13 for splitting the lot for me. I LOVE my new-old tiny hibachi and am certain I'll get plenty of use out of it for years to come!

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