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Wednesday, September 24, 2014

ArtPrize: Installation of Tiny Cranes completed

They're in! Earlier this afternoon Fred and I loaded up both cars and headed to the Grand Central Market and Deli to install my Tiny Cranes entry!

In Fred's car were two things he'd made for my installation:

1. The structure from which I hung the cranes. It's a Japanese torii, the gateway you'd find at the entrance to or inside of a Shinto Shrine. It symbolizes that you are entering a sacred space. I love it! I'd planned to simply buy shelf brackets, get a 12" x 4' board and drive nails into the interior facing edge to hang the cranes. Instead I have an elegant and meaningful display structure. I love it! I can't imagine a more perfect way to have presented them.

2. He also made me a table to put slightly in front of my installation to create a protected area beneath the cranes so nobody would accidentally get tangled up in them.

In my car were the cranes themselves. In my head I'd figured out a way to transport them that would protect the cranes, structures they hang from, and the fishing line attached to the structures. It required rolling the fishing line onto a cylinder and fixing everything in place for transport. Four boxes, cylinders, paperclips, and some wire and I had it all figured out!

The cranes made the 45 minute drive to Grand Rapids no problem!

Next Fred mounted the torii to the window frame. Then I hung the cranes. The entire process took about an hour and a half. Unfortunately I did get a parking ticket. Happily it was far less expensive than parking tickets in San Francisco. The last time I got one they were $50. Now? My friend posted on Facebook she just got one for $83! The ticket I got tonight was a mere $20. So, it could have been worse.

A parting shot as we left the venue. Tomorrow ArtPrize officially opens at noon EST. I'm planning to be there though I'm not sure if I'll be hanging out near my cranes or wandering the city looking at art. Maybe I'll do both :)

Tonight was all about celebrating. To enter the competition, secure a host, make my entry, and complete the installation? That called for some Ben and Jerry's Chocolate Therapy ice cream. Hoping I have sweet dreams tonight so I get up bright and early to attend ArtPrize for the first time both as an artist and an art lover!

To see the Tiny Cranes in person just visit the Grand Central Market and Deli at:

57 Monroe Center St NW
Grand Rapids MI 49503

It's located here:

And looks like this:

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