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Saturday, November 1, 2014

I just signed up for NaBloPoMo

It was just over a year ago, a week and a year ago to be precise, that my life began to come undone. While that may sound like a bad thing it was nothing more than what life is: Change.

Through it all I've blogged here and there doing my best to keep my blog alive even as so many chapters around me came to their conclusions. To get back into the habit of writing and posting I've made the commitment to blog every day for the month of November by signing up for the NaBloPoMo (National Blog Posting Month) challenge. It happens all year, you can sign up (for free) month by month to become part of something bigger than your own blog.

To participate this month Click Here to sign up your blog by November 5th.

You can write whatever you want or follow the prompts listed at the start of the month. In the past I've done the NaBloPoMo challenge and simply wrote what I wanted to write. This time I think I'll follow the prompts and find my way back to blogging from a new place, with a new perspective, and a new name for the blog.

While I miss the name "The Flirty Blog" I have to say that "I Found the Place" suits me so much more. I was never a flirt. It was just a word and the URL was available. But now I do believe I've found the place where I belong and hope to find more places to explore around Michigan in the coming months that I can share with you.

By the way, it snowed yesterday. Snow. I have to say the locals were not as thrilled as I was. We'll see how long my enchantment lasts. Oh, and it was 27ยบ (F) when I woke up this morning. Today on my list of things to do I'm going to go buy a proper jacket for winter. I never needed one in California but I think I'm going to need one now.

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