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Friday, November 7, 2014

Safety I never had to think about before: Hunting Season

It's been cold here in Michigan. One morning I woke up and it was 27ยบ (F) outside. Not that I felt it. I didn't go out until later in the day when it had warmed up. But I did buy this hat. Not to stay warm, but to stay safe.

Lately there's been a lot of big *BOOMS* outside. Turns out it's hunting season. Well, it kind of is all year round (for certain animals) but lately the booms have been a lot closer to the house.

Quite frankly I was shocked to see the plethora of wildlife that one can see (or hunt) in Michigan listed on the DNR (Department of Natural Resources) website. It's a rather huge list of game and fur animals that one can hunt or trap in season and with a valid license.

Not wanting to be mistaken for a:

Deer, Muskrat, Mink, Raccoon, Fox, Bobcat, Badger, Fisher/Marten, Beaver, Otter, Coyote, Bear, Cottontail Rabbit, Snowshoe Hare, Crow, Elk, Goose, Pheasant, Quail, Ruffed Grouse, Sharp-tailed Grouse, Squirrel - Fox and Gray, Duck, Coots, Mergansers, Teal, Snipes, Rails, Moorhens, Wild Turkey, Woodcock, Opossum, Porcupine, Weasel, Red Squirrel, Skunk, Ground Squirrel, Woodchuck, Feral Swine, Feral Pigeon, Starling or House Sparrow

I figure I better wear my bright hat (and maybe get a matching vest) so that if I go out looking to shoot the same animals with my camera, or for a walk in the woods, I don't end up as a cautionary tale on the news.

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