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Monday, November 3, 2014

Wanted: Brand Ambassador Travel Blogger with Tiny RV

NaBloPoMo Day #3 Writing Prompt:

Write about an amazing imaginary brand or organization you'd love to work with. What would their pitch to you look like? What would your post say?

Since the prompt is for an imaginary brand I'm taking things one step further by creating my imaginary dream job. Their pitch would look like this:

Wanted: Brand Ambassador Travel Blogger with Tiny RV

Fun and fearless, independent, glass half full, self motivated, former girl scout, now experienced blogger/social media maven with an adventurous spirit needed to create brand recognition for our company while touring all 50 states (or one state top to bottom) with a tiny travel trailer in tow.

As our brand ambassador you must have excellent photography skills to be able to show viewers the many positive aspects of our product while touring America on an extended road trip with your home-away-from-home right at your heels. We're looking for someone who will be able to inspire others to hit the road to create adventures of their own using our product/service.

You must be as comfortable dining out to promote local restaurants as you are cooking mouth watering dishes on a propane camp stove after dark. Reviews of rustic campgrounds, modern rv parks, and bare bones boondocking locations will be needed. We're looking for a social someone who will spend time in each state and highlight both well known tourist destinations as well as get to know the locals to learn about off-the-beaten-track attractions.

Salary, health benefits, gas/mileage, and lodging expenses are covered. We're willing to negotiate additional compensation if you'll stop at wineries and artisan ice cream shops along the way and make time for tastings.

My reply:

I'm the one you're looking for! When I travel the three things I always find are fun, the silver lining in any situation, and new friends wherever I go.

Since acquiring my tiny home on wheels (a 4'x6' custom travel trailer) in June of 2013 I've towed her almost 15,000 miles. In that time we've (repeatedly) conquered the passes of California, Idaho, Montana, and Oregon, survived a whiteout large hail storm in Wyoming, and comfortably slept through a 28ยบ (F) night in Oregon with no electricity. From National Shorelines, to State Parks, RV Parks, wineries, parking lots, fairgrounds, friend's driveways and yards, and truck stops I've run the gamut of places to stay.

All of my adventures have been photo-documented. Though I pursue photography as a hobby, after visiting my blog people often assume photography must be my full time profession as the quality of my images exceeds what they expect from a hobbyist.

I am just as comfortable dining at a four star restaurant in downtown San Francisco as I am whipping up a meal at a campground. I have experience cooking on both Coleman and MSR camping propane stoves. In two short years I became one of the most prolific Sonoma County wine bloggers in Northern California and was awarded the "Spirit of Sonoma Award" at a media tour hosted by Sonoma County Tourism, Vintners, and Winegrowers in 2013. I've sampled artisan ice cream shops from Santa Cruz, CA to Columbus, Ohio and would welcome the opportunity to experience more.

I'm very passionate about promoting tourism and travel. There's a whole wide world out there but so many people are too comfortable only visiting the places they already know. For the past 7 years I've used my blog to encourage people to go out, dine at new restaurants, shop at new stores, meet new people, and create new experiences for themselves and their loved ones.

My dream job could be offered by a tourism bureau, camping supply product or company, a campground/rv association, or a national food industry association. If anyone knows of an opportunity like this or would like to create one I'm available and open to discussions :)

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