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Monday, November 17, 2014

Winter mosquitoes

There are two words you don't often see together.

The other day I posted on Facebook:

"It's freaking snowing here and guess who got a mosquito bite? One guess. Did you guess me? Arghhhhhhhhhhhhh!"

Even as the polar vortex'ish weather is hitting the Midwest I shovel snow and continue to wage war with my summer nemesis. One friend found it hard to believe a mosquito had bitten me the night before. He thought it must have been a chigger. Then he admitted he doesn't even know what chiggers are. He just likes the word.

So when another mosquito was zzzzzzzzzz'ing around me last night I took this picture of it to prove there are still a handful of them still lingering and living (well he was recently living right before I took this picture) in Michigan. I used a magnifying glass for detail when I took this shot with my phone camera but then ran it through two instagram filters to make it less detailed because it looked kind of gross.

This kind of ruins my plan for living in the Midwest. While most people here plan tropical destination getaways in February my plan had become to only stay here during the winter. Following the first mosquito sighting in the spring/summer I've been saying I'm going to take off in The Glampette and not return until a neighbor calls in the fall to tell me the first frost hit and all of the mosquitos are dead. If they're still around in 20º temperatures I don't know if I'll ever be able to come back at all :P

Am hoping this is the last one for 2014.

And while I always feel bad killing them, it was a lose-lose for this bugger. I mean my only other option is to catch and release them outside, where it's currently 21º (F). So, he/she wasn't the luckiest of bugs. Not like the tobacco hornworms I rescued this summer. But that's a post for another day. I even have close-up, icky, pictures of the big, green caterpillars to go with it. I bet you can't wait to see them!

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