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Tuesday, January 6, 2015

A new year, a new blog

Change is good. That's what I keep telling myself.

With the New Year I felt it was time to create change. At the top of the list I decided to launch a new blog! While The Flirty Blog (renamed in 2014 to: I Found the Place) has had a wonderful run I came to the realization it's now part of my past. Many of you who have followed it since 2006 know 2014 was the most brutal year of personal loss I've endured in a very long time. I felt anything but fun & flirty and am still dealing with a lot of stress and grief that has yet to be resolved. A divorce, the loss of two pets passing away within two months of each other, being kind of homeless for six months, and a round of health issues at the end of the year have been, to say the least, a bit much. I refuse to let any of it deter me and am focusing on the future even though some days are harder to get through than others.

You may be wondering why a new blog? Almost everyone agrees that Wordpress is the best blogging platform around. It has many features that Blogspot doesn't offer. I'll admit after investing so many years writing and photographing for The Flirty Blog I was always afraid to make the leap to migrate to Wordpress for fear of losing ranking with search engines like Google. Beginning anew gives me the perfect opportunity to launch on Wordpress and grow from here.

To be honest I haven't quite decided what direction the new blog will go other than to continue documenting my day to day experience whatever that might be. You know there will be food, travel with my tiny trailer "The Glampette," and fun. I also want to document the process as I create a new occupation for myself pursuing my lifelong dream of being a working artist, who's able to earn a living wage.

To each of you who have been a dedicated blog reader or if you only stopped by every now and then, I thank you. Knowing you were out there reading these posts inspired me to do more, just so I could write more. You helped inspire me to become a photographer and adventurer discovering so much more about the Bay Area (and myself) than ever would have happened if I hadn't continued blogging.

I hope no one is too disappointed to see this blog end. I'll be leaving it online as an archive but will now be posting over at www.Tinygami.Wordpress.com.

I hope you'll find me there and stick around to see what happens in the coming year :)

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