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Monday, January 18, 2016

Smitten with the Michigan Mitten

You may have noticed the little mitten I added to the header of the blog last week. Some of you will know exactly why. Others are probably wondering what it's all about. To be honest I had no idea what "The Mitten" was when I arrived here. It's a Michigander thing.

If someone asks where you're from, and if it's not a well known area or city (like the Upper Peninsula, Ann Arbor, Detroit, or Grand Rapids), you raise up the back of your hand and point to where in the mitten you live. LOL. For real! I point to where the heart is in my illustration because that's where Greenville is :)

See it?

This was a welcome to Michigan gift from Fred's daughter. On the flip side is all of the cities and towns in the Upper Peninsula.

At ArtPrize people see the sign with all of my info like the title of my entry, my name, and where I'm from. Many (even people who live in Michigan) will ask:

ArtPrize Visitors: "Greenville? Where is that?"

Me: "It's just north of Belding."

ArtPrize Visitors: *shaking their head no with a blank stare*

Me: "Um, it's west of Ionia..."

ArtPrize Visitors *more head shaking*

Me: "It's east of Rockford."

ArtPrize Visitors: *Mmmm, unh uh.*

Me: "It's south of Lakeview!"

ArtPrize Visitors: *back to shaking their heads no*

Me: "It's agricultural, you know, apple orchards and fields of corn."

ArtPrize Visitors: *nothing*

Me: "It's about 10 minutes north of Grand Rapids and 30 minutes east."

At that point they would nod their head and say "Ooooooooh, OK." :)

Or I can raise my hand and point to Greenville. LOL

Fred's sister and brother-in-law gave me this mitten ornament my first Christmas here.

Oddly, mittens randomly occur in the kitchen. The first one happened as I was emptying the coffee grounds out of my French Press. I pour them into a strainer so I can add them to the garden instead of the trash. Imagine my shock when one day they poured out into a mitten-shape.

A few days later another mitten appeared while I was making breakfast! Seriously! I don't think I could do this again if I tried. LOL. I'm taking them as signs that I'm right where I'm supposed to be :)

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