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Sunday, January 24, 2016


The day I attended the artist's reception for the ArtPrize: Second Glance gallery exhibit Fred (being the nice guy he is and because he wasn't going with me) offered to scrape all of the ice and snow off my car since I was all dressed up. Aw. Ok. Thanks, I said. I finished getting ready then went out. As I approached the car he didn't even break it to me gently, he just said straight up: "Your door handle broke off." Um, ok. What could I say? He said he didn't even pull on it that hard but the door had frozen to the frame, again. In his defense the fact that moving to MI, parking in the driveway all winter, and that the plastic door handle is 22 years old may have had something to do with it.

LOL the thing that was really funny (to me) about it was a lady at ArtPrize last fall gave me her advice to avoid having my doors freeze to the car frame: "Don't make any appointments before noon in the wintertime, that way they'll be thawed out by the time you need to leave" she said. Well, this was at 1:00 PM. So much for free advice no matter how well intended :D

Now I'll have to find a new door handle, and have it painted. Or not. Turns out I can open the door, it's just really tricky. Which would be good if anyone ever tried to car-jack me through my driver's side door. No way would they have time to figure out how to get in before I floor it and leave them in the dust. Or slush. Not that there are a whole lot of car-jackings around here so maybe I should just get it fixed.

I tagged this image on Instagram earlier today with: #winter #michigan #midwest #ugh #oops #uhoh #carproblems #iced #badnews #broken #thisneverhappenedincalifornia

Ah, the joys of a Midwest winter :D

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